Driving Construction Site Safety for Small Teams

Driving Construction Site Safety for Small Teams

In 2020 alone, 1,008 construction workers lost their lives on the job - over 20 deaths per week. Each of these fatalities represents the tragic and preventable loss of a human life, and the grief of countless loved ones left behind.

Even more alarming, almost 50% of these deaths occurred at small companies with 10 or fewer employees, or among the self-employed. Small contractors and solo workers are disproportionately vulnerable to hazards. Beyond the immeasurable human toll, each medically consulted injury costs an average of $32,000 in direct expenses for the company - a massive burden for small operators.

These statistics highlight an urgent need for transformative solutions to curb safety incidents in construction. The status quo of sporadic manual inspections and outdated protocols is clearly failing workers, especially among smaller crews. 

Can innovative technologies be the answer? Indeed, recent advances like the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and real-time data analytics now provide powerful tools to enable proactive risk identification, enhanced real-time oversight of worksites, and rapid coordinated response to emergencies when they occur. Most importantly, digital connectivity and data-driven insights must become integral to safety programs.


As an industry leader in safety and security, CDG Wireless's partner, Motorola Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of connected workforce solutions designed specifically for the risks and communication needs of construction sites both large and small.

The MOTOTRBO digital two-way radio system enables clear, reliable voice communication to coordinate workers and respond rapidly to emergencies. With customizable lone worker and man down features, GPS tracking, and rugged accessories, MOTOTRBO integrates seamlessly with any safety program or protocol.

We also provide a range of IoT sensors and wearables for real-time visibility into environmental hazards and worker health. Our Lone Worker solutions can integrate seamlessly into MOTOTRBO two-way radios. This alarm system enables isolated workers to activate a panic alarm if an emergency occurs. By utilizing push-to-talk buttons already on the radios, workers can confirm status during periodic check-ins. The solution provides a fully reportable and recordable system to assist with insurance mitigation, reducing financial risks for small businesses. Built-in GPS shares user location during emergencies when a distressed worker may be unable to.

Paired with surveillance cameras and cloud-based monitoring platforms like Avigilon Control Center, construction teams can gain 24/7 oversight of worksites without relying solely on manual inspections. Compliance can be continually verified, emerging risks identified and mitigated proactively, and emergency response activated swiftly when needed - all remotely.

Our team of experts can help build a comprehensive connected worker ecosystem tailored to your unique processes and needs - combining the right technologies with training for maximized risk reduction and profitability. Follow and contact us today to explore how greater connectivity and visibility from Motorola Solutions technology can pave the path to safer, more productive construction projects. The time for change is now.