How AI-Powered Security Keeps Thieves Away at The Thief Hotel

How AI-Powered Security Keeps Thieves Away at The Thief Hotel

In the heart of Oslo's historic Tjuvholmen neighborhood, the luxury boutique hotel "The Thief" has undergone a transformation in its security and operations. Despite its name paying homage to the area's notorious past, the hotel now leverages cutting-edge technology to provide a warm haven for its guests, including high-profile celebrities.

The Challenges of Legacy Systems

You know that soul-crushing feeling when your video security system is stuck in the last century? Where investigating an incident means trawling through hours of mind-numbing footage, manually rewinding and fast-forwarding like a caveman?

The team at The Thief boutique hotel in Oslo's historic Tjuvholmen neighborhood were all too familiar with that antiquated nightmare. Their old camera setup was clunkier than a 1990s desktop computer, requiring someone to physically access server rooms just to view recordings.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the hotel faced an additional challenge – a sharp decline in bookings, with 70% of its guests being foreign tourists. This necessitated a reduction in staff, leaving a single individual in charge of all security operations, including managing the outdated system and mitigating potential cyber threats.

The AI-Powered Security Revolution

Recognizing the limitations of their existing setup, The Thief embarked on a transformative journey by partnering with Ava Security, a leading provider of AI-powered video security solutions. The Thief implemented a comprehensive solution that addressed their challenges head-on.


Cloud-Connected Flexibility

The Thief is a 16,000 km2 hotel with many rooms, hallways, entry points, and only one security personnel. By deploying Ava Aware Cloud, the hotel's security personnel gained the ability to access video footage from any location, eliminating the need to be physically present in a dedicated server room. This increased flexibility and remote accessibility were crucial in a post-pandemic landscape.


Intelligent Incident Investigation

Ava Aware's Smart Search feature revolutionized incident investigations. Instead of spending countless hours sifting through footage, the security team could quickly search through vast amounts of data, identify similar objects, and create edited videos for seamless sharing with relevant parties.


Integration with Existing Infrastructure

Capitalizing on the hotel's previous investment in security cameras, Ava Aware's open data platform enabled the integration of pre-existing cameras, creating new intelligence and value from the existing infrastructure. This approach preserved The Thief's investment while introducing cutting-edge capabilities.

Seamless Implementation and Remarkable Results

Ava Security facilitated a smooth transition to the hotel's new video security solution. The process involved installing 10 new cameras, including 2 Ava 360 Cameras and 8 Ava Dome Cameras, all integrated with Ava Aware, the backbone of the AI-powered system.

Ava AI Security Cameras

The implementation of Ava Security's solution yielded remarkable results for The Thief, transforming their approach to safety and operational efficiency:


Enhanced Perimeter Monitoring

The cameras along the perimeter of The Thief now detect motion and make event searching effortless. Real-time alerts can notify users if movement is detected during specific timeframes, such as by the loading dock at 3 AM. This capability proves invaluable when reviewing historic footage.


Ease of Use for Non-Technical Staff

The user-friendly nature of Ava Aware's interface eliminated the need for extensive training, enabling front desk associates, managers, and other staff to access and monitor the system seamlessly from their mobile devices.


Streamlined Incident Response

Head of Security Werner Sveen Larsen praised the efficiency of Ava Aware's capabilities, stating, "Within the blink of an eye, I am alerted to an incident and can immediately address it. I am able to check in on any camera feed, review the recording, and share with interested parties immediately."


Scalability and Future-Proofing

The cloud-based architecture and intelligent data platform provided by Ava Aware ensured scalability and future-proofing, enabling The Thief to adapt to evolving security needs and technological advancements seamlessly.


A Benchmark for AI-Powered Hotel Security

The Thief's partnership with Ava Security exemplifies the transformative power of AI-powered video security solutions in the hospitality industry. By embracing cutting-edge technology, the luxury hotel fortified its security measures, streamlined operations, empowered staff, and elevated the guest experience.

The Thief Hotel


Ending Thoughts

As Werner Sveen Larsen aptly stated, "The technological capabilities of Ava are way ahead of the old system we had." In an era where safety, efficiency, and operational resilience are paramount, The Thief has set a benchmark for how hotels can leverage AI to protect their assets, guests, and reputation while staying ahead of the curve.

At CDG Wireless, we are proud to offer Ava Security's innovative AI-powered video solutions as a certified third-party seller. Our team of experts can guide you through the process of integrating these cutting-edge technologies into your existing security infrastructure, ensuring a seamless transition and maximizing your investment. Contact our sales team today to discuss how we can help revolutionize your hotel's security operations.